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Hindsight is a beautiful thing and sometimes I wish that hindsight was available at the moment. Because looking back now it all seems so clear. Crystal clear. I have spent so much time, energy and money trying to work out this  “passion” thing.  I was constantly searching for meaning in this human experience. I have felt so much frustration, sadness and anger constantly searching for this “passion” thing. I believed that once I found my passion that I would be whole. That everything I had in my life would finally be enough. Hindsight has taught me that what I have been searching for is not something external that I can obtain or buy. This passion stuff is from within and only you can feel it. I never thought I would feel it. I gave up trying to feel it. But if coming to this point has taught me anything, it’s that sometimes you need to walk through the deepest and darkest valleys within yourself before you can begin to climb your own experience of Mt Everest. And once you feel this passion thing, you cannot deny what you makes your heart sing.

So fast forward to today and I think I am finally in a place where I am ready to dip my toe into my passion. Something that has always been there from the beginning. For many reasons and many lessons that I needed to learn, I cannot deny it anymore. The irony of this whole experience is that life is not perfect for having found it. It just adds a layer of depth and beauty that I hadn’t seen or experienced before. Something, I have at times felt brief and dismissed but over time it has grown. It’s this feeling of time completely stopping. It’s being able to spend hours at it and it only feels like a minute has passed. It’s smiling for no reason other than the pure joy of being able to do it. It’s knowing that this passion is for me and only for me. It chooses me or I choose it or we choose each other. I know in my heart of hearts I need to pursue it.

So, what is my passion? It’s two things that I have decided to combine together into this online space. It’s writing what I am currently experiencing in this beautiful, gritty and magnificent journey known as the human experience. The second is food and anyone that knows me knows that I have this little, massive obsession with food. Whether that is cooking it or eating it. It is almost always on my mind. It lights up my life and brings me pure joy. Time does truly stop when I am cooking or enjoying a dining experience.

I’ve decided to create this space for me to share my life thoughts. My food journeys – places I am eating or have eaten. Cooking expeditions – what I am creating in the kitchen.

I want to share with you all the thoughts in my mind, to let you know that you are not alone and that I too have no idea what I am doing in life the majority of the time and that is okay. Living in that space is extremely uncomfortable but also liberating. I hope to inspire you to live a little more courageously and also get your taste buds salivating a little more as I share what I am making.

This is not my day job and I am not looking to make it one anytime soon. This is more a creative outlet for me to explore, share and cherish as something that is solely for me to share with the world. So I hope that you join me  (and pop in your email above ^^^), in exploring and being part of this crazy journey that is-  Food of Thought.

Love Rachel