Food and Philosophy

 I once had a herb garden and I enjoyed the process of planting seeds, watering them daily and watching them slowly but surely grow into thriving plants. Mother nature is a beautiful teacher of perfection in the imperfection of things. Do you ever look at trees in awe and realize they are not straight and perfect and this is what makes them beautiful. Their branches are twisted in one another, they have leaves that are growing and leaves that are falling. When you look at it that way, you are looking at all the different parts of you that are forming and dying. Because in life change is the only constant thing.

I feel that food and philosophy go hand in hand. The entire process of growing produce through to eating a meal is a great metaphor for life. It is about the journey. It is about time and the process. That is what much of life is about.

I have thought a lot about my personal food philosophy recently. As I cook, eat and think about food a lot. I cannot help but also think about the process of what it takes to get all the elements of the food onto my plate. I appreciate love and obsess over the farm to table movement that is happening globally at the moment. Many chefs and farmers are pioneering this movement. It is a more environmentally and sustainable way to eat.

What is my food philosophy?

For me, I try to shop locally and in season where possible. I thrive off visiting the farmers market on a Saturday morning and meeting the farmers and them sharing with me their processes and their farm. They share stories about how long it took them to grow an organic lemon and the amount of love and passion they have for sustainable farming is a beautiful thing.

My cooking style is with a lot of vegetables and meat, I usually use the rule of at least 3 different kinds of vegetables to 1 protein portion. I also am starting to eat a lot more vegetarian dishes. I find that it’s nice to take a break from animal protein a night or two a week and also the simplicity of cooking a vegetarian meal suits my lifestyle.

One thing with food philosophies that they are extremely personal and no two are the same. What works for me, might not work for you. Part of the process of cooking, learning about different kinds of foods, cooking methods and diets is there are so many options. It’s like walking into a library and picking a book that excites and satisfies you the most. It is also something that is ever evolving as we grow and we change. How I cooked and ate 2 years ago is very different to today.

So what kind of food recipes can you expect for me to writing about on this blog:

  1. Vegetarian dishes – even though I am not a vegetarian, I really enjoy a good veggie dish.
  2. Different cuisines – I am not one cuisine or culture type of chef.
  3. Simple and easy to whip up recipes – because ain’t nobody got time for that.
  4. I will steal recipes from my mum – sorry mum but you are a great cook.
  5. Recipes for each meal of the day and snacks, because we all need snacks.

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