“Hi, I’m Rachel. This is my blog Food of Thought. I always wanted to write one, but for years I thought “I’m nobody special to be writing”.. I believed that, but then I realised, I am special. I’m me. And I’ve always felt special and wonderful on the inside and wanted to share it with the world. So this is my special little space to share. Hello to you all reading this on the train, on a Sunday with a cup of tea, and everyone procrastinating at work. I think you’re quite wonderful too 🙂 “

Three things about me:

ONE I love food… I lie it’s more than love its an obsession. Wherever I am, whenever I can I will either cook or try something new. For me cooking is art. It’s expressing yourself in a way that fuels your body. It is also something you can share with anyone from any culture. I could spend HOURS cooking, creating, eating and salivating about food. It is one of my favourite topics. Keep a lookout for my food posts and recipes…

TWO I’ve undertaken a 12-month shopping ban. Why? I was sick of waking up with severe shopping hangovers with maxed out credit cards and diminishing bank accounts that I decided to check myself into a voluntary shopping rehab. Even this very picture below shows that I purchased that Star Wars top to wear to the new Stars Wars movie when I had never watched the movie and I strategically placed my *fake but real Gucci* in view. This was to appear as I had it all worked out… When in reality I had no fricken clue. It was a journey that taught me so much about the way I consume and more importantly why.

THREE I like to explore life in most aspects of it. I am an overthinker of the most intense kind. Hence why I write, to make sense of my fast witted brain. When I am not in deep thought I try not to take myself too seriously (hence I selected this photo) I work in Tech, and I can speak a little German and I am studying Dutch at the moment… Ich vermisse Deutsch Sprechen!!! There you go.

Enjoy and if you like my blog, please share it!
Love Rachel x

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